CISF holds 2nd Cambodia National Figure Skating Championships

Posted on May 11th, 2016

The Cambodia Ice Skating Federation is pleased to announce it will hold the 2nd Cambodia Figure Skating National Championships on Saturday, May 7th, 2016 at Ice Park, on the 4th floor of Aeon Mall in Phnom Penh.


The competition is sanctioned by the Cambodia Ice Skating Federation and organized by CISF, Ice Park, and Kids City with support from Aeon Mall.

The 2nd Cambodia National Figure Skating Championships is a half-day figure skating competition comprised of different events categorized by skill level and separated into boy and girl pisions.


Medals will be awarded for the top three finishers in each event. Gold for first place, Silver for second place, and Bronze for third place. The highest scoring Khmer skater in each category will also receive the title of National Champion in their respective level.


Figure Skating is a sport and activity in which inpiduals, duos, and groups skate, perform, or compete in figure skates on ice. It was the first winter sport included in the Olympics, in 1908 and continues to be one of the most watched and popular sports in the world today.


Figure skating combines athletic ability with artistic performance and happens on ice, making it a truly unique sport. It’s also a fun activity that can be started at any age.

To qualify for the National Championships, skaters had to be more than just beginners. However, because figure skating, and ice skating of any kind, in Cambodia is still very new, the entry level was set low to allow for more participants.


This year’s National Championships will hold events in the following Singles categories: Star, Preliminary, and Elementary. Skaters will take turns having the ice to themselves for one to two minutes to perform a choreographed program set to music, demonstrating difficult required elements, such as turns, gliding, spins, and jumps.


The competition will be scored by a panel of judges who will determine the winners. The judges will use the International Judging System, also known as the IJS. This is the system used at all International Skating Union events, such as The World Championships, The Grand Prix Series, and The Winter Olympics.


The International Skating Union, or ISU, is the governing body for all major figure skating and speed skating competitions. Membership is mandatory to be included in international events.


By following the protocol of rules and regulations set forth by the ISU, CISF hopes to meet criteria necessary to become an ISU Federation Member and qualify to send Khmer skaters to international competitions in the near future.


Cambodia Ice Skating Federation was formed in 2015 with the hopes of building a team of skaters to represent Cambodia internationally. As Ms. Long Sotheavy, Secretary General of CISF said, “Cambodia’s flag has only ever flown at the Summer Olympics. One day we want to see Cambodia’s flag flying at the Winter Olympics, too.”


To help train the local skaters and prepare them for international events, American Coach, Ben Blandford, was scouted by CISF and flown in a month ago to lend his expertise and shepherd the country’s fledgling skating team.


“We are trying to build awareness of the sport of figure skating in Cambodia”, says Senior Head Coach Ben Blandford. “It is considered more of a winter sport, which is a foreign concept for this tropical climate. But being able to ice skate in Cambodia is actually a great escape from the heat and a wonderful recreational activity. Plus it’s fun to watch.”


Ice Park was built in August 2015, on the top floor of Aeon Mall in Phnom Penh’s Tonle Bassac neighborhood. Ice Park has open skating sessions available to the public all day long, seven days a week. More detailed information can be found on their website,


The public sessions will be preempted from 12pm until 5pm on Saturday, May 7th, 2016 by the Cambodia Figure Skating National Championships, but the event is open to spectators and free of charge. The public is encouraged to come watch and cheer.


Visit for more information about CISF.


For questions about the event, please call 081-502-555 (Khmer) or 093-888-222 (English) or send an email to (Khmer) or (English).