Skate Bangkok 2016

Posted on December 12th, 2016

18 skaters from Ice Park Cambodia led by Head of Coach, Mr. Ben Blandford and Mr. Ricardo Nonato at Phnom Penh International Airport this morning to participant in Skate Bangkok 2016 which the event will be held from 8-11 December 2016 at Sub Zero Ice Skate Megabangna, Bangkok Thailand. “This year we are received the entry more than 300 entry from all ice rink. We would like to announce this year is the biggest ever Skate Bangkok competition. “

The country that they are support: 

1 United State of America
2 United Arab Emirate
3 Taiwan
4 Malaysia
5 Indonesia
6 Cambodia
7 Singapore
8 Philippines
9 Hong Kong
10 China
11 Thailand.

The 18 skaters from Ice Park will compete with 36 events within 4 days from 8-11 December 2016.

1.Sen Bunthoeun
2.Chhor Chhay Kim
3.Pen Sambath Chrissie
4.Eng David
5.Henty Edric
6.Hoe Ziming Jasmine
7.Pen Sambath Jason
8.Ham Leang Guech
9.Rafael Nonato
10.Ngoun Ny Anna
11.Nget Phearen
12.Avianna Pisey Soth
13.Prum Lin Liza
14.Pho Saksonika
15.Heng Sireya
16.Long Sirimoni
17.Nay Vannika
18.Chey Vichet